Haldivor Energy long-standing cooperation with coal suppliers and key clients in the world of commodities has led organically to the supplying of other “hard commodities” – metallurgical products, notably steel alloys and non-ferrous metals (metals that do not contain appreciable amounts of iron).

Steel Alloys

Technically, every steel is considered an alloy, but to be called ‘steel alloy’ other metals must be added to the basic composition of iron and carbon to turn it into a high-value product for consumer and industrial use. Steel alloys are most commonly used to manufacture pipes, bike frames and heating elements in household appliances. Only a small percentage of alloying elements is enough to improve the strength, corrosion resistance and improve response to heat treatment.

Non-ferrous Metals

In metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, copper, gold, silver and zing, do not contain iron, thus can withstand moisture without rusting. This special property makes them ideal for use in manufacturing aircrafts, food cans, jewelry, batteries, roofing and outdoor signs.


  • High-Quality Energy Product

    High-Quality Energy Product

    High-quality energy and metallurgical product sourcing has always been and continue to be governed by our focus on responsible sourcing. Haldivor Energy FZE sources all its products through direct contracts and this determines the type and quality of raw materials and energy sources purchased for end use.

  • Dedicated, Professional Team

    Dedicated, Professional Team

    We firmly believe that our people are our greatest asset. We have built a team of highly experienced professionals whose knowledge of metallurgical products and processes, supply and demand, commodity price fluctuations and currency strength, reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and consistent on-time delivery.

  • Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility is a core principle in our business objectives. We are committed to act sustainably but also extend this commitment to our supply chain, ensuring all our partners are compliant with national and international policies on quality assurance and environmental impact. We have coherent due diligence processes in place and the results are taken into consideration when selecting partners and making purchasing decisions.