Haldivor Energy FZE is a Dubai based independent Broker, an auxiliary of multifaceted parent company. Positioned in the heart of Dubai World Trade Center Free Zone Authority.

Since its inception the company has gained a solid reputation in the mining sector associated with metallurgy. Our recipe for sourcing of Metallurgy is Quality and Cost-effective product with minimum time.

Haldivor Energy FZE has a highly qualified management team that is committed to the success of the projects we participate in for the mutual benefit of both parties. Building strong, long term working relationships with our clients is central to our philosophy.

With a mission to understand buyer’s needs and fulfil their requirements, we supply high quality metallurgy products at competitive prices.


  • High-Quality Metallurgical Product

    High-Quality Metallurgical Product

    High-quality metallurgical product sourcing has always been and continue to be governed by our focus on responsible sourcing. Haldivor Energy FZE sources all its products through direct contracts and this determines the type and quality of raw materials and metallurgical sources purchased for end use.

  • Dedicated, Professional Team

    Dedicated, Professional Team

    We firmly believe that our people are our greatest asset. We have built a team of highly experienced professionals whose knowledge of metallurgical products and processes, supply and demand, commodity price fluctuations and currency strength, reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and consistent on-time delivery.

  • Social Responsibility

    Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility is a core principle in our business objectives. We are committed to act sustainably but also extend this commitment to our supply chain, ensuring all our partners are compliant with national and international policies on quality assurance and environmental impact. We have coherent due diligence processes in place and the results are taken into consideration when selecting partners and making purchasing decisions.